At our motto is all about team work, compassion, commitment and understanding. We believe we could only succeed in assisting our clients reach their potential goals with such mannerism. The strength and knowledge of each team member in allow us to help our clients resolve the most complicated issues and circumstances. We are proud to employ over 30 staff members who retain such unity and dedication dispositions to help our clients. Please note, we are not affiliated with any government agency and we do not charge government fees.

Please Note: A signed copy of a service agreement is required for all services.

  • Reliable:Knowledgeable and experienced Consultant on hand to assist you
  • Quick:No more mistakes and no more complicated forms to fill
  • Cost Effective:No hidden cost. No loss of government fees due to mistakes
  • Time Effective:Application sent out 24hrs after completion
  • Convenience:No more line-ups