What is the Pre-Security Clearance Program?

The Pre-Security Clearance Card is a program affiliated with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the United States Customs and Border Protection (US CBP). This process is facilitated by the simplification of border clearance for low risk travelers. In addition, expedited clearance for air travellers is also available, so you can just swoop through the airport the next time you go to Florida.

The program involves filling out an online application and we will schedule an interview for you with the United States Customs and Border Protection. At the interview, you will meet with a US CBP officer, and they will take your finger prints and iris scan for identification purposes. Membership lasts for five years.

What are the Benefits of the Pre-Security Clearance Program?

The benefits of the Pre-Security Clearance program is predominately concerned with saving a traveller’s time in line-ups at border crossing by land and by air. The decrease in line-up time can be remarkable. You will have access to a priority line along with pilots and flight attendants.

Also, the Canada Border Services Agency recently eliminated the need to fill out the declaration form for goods when returning to Canada for Pre-Security Clearance cardholders. That is another beneficial aspect of the Pre-Security Clearance program, gaining time by not needing to fill out any forms.

A final benefit to being a part of the Pre-Security Clearance Program is exclusivity. It’s an elite program that demonstrates trust between you and the United States. You should feel proud when you skip the line knowing that two countries trust you as both a citizen and as a traveller.

What are the Drawbacks of the Pre-Security Clearance Program?

While not many, one of the drawbacks of the Pre-Security Clearance program includes not being able to use the program if you are traveling with people in your car who do not also have a Pre-Security Clearance approval. This means that despite you spending time to get your card, you will not be able to use it if other people traveling with you are not also part of the program.

Being a member also means that you have a responsibility and are held accountable for all the responsibilities that come with the use of the Pre-Security Clearance card, especially you cannot smuggle drugs across the border or lie about whether or not you brought any alcohol within the last day or two during your travels.