About Us is a registered corporation that assists individuals with the facilitation of applications. We provide the convenience, freedom and ability to help or assist those in need. We do not approve or deny applications. Any false information provided by the client can have their applications denied. We charge a nominal fee to have access to our simplified questionnaire and to assist with the facilitation.

1. Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

    • Collection of personal information only extends to information needed to collect to assist in the application of a Canadian Passport.
    • Disclosure of the personal information is only made to government bodies and agencies which are required to collect , or in making an application for advanced permission to enter the USA (or on occasion to an individual or body designated by the individual, such as Immigration Canada or an Employer)

    2. What Information we collect 
    Information collected is necessary for the application for a Canadian Passport or for their application for advance permission to enter the USA, and may include: name, address, telephone number, date of birth, place of birth, immigration status, fingerprints, court records, local police, OPP, RCMP, and FBI records, driver’s licence number, employer information, and so on.
    3. Consent 
    The individual’s knowledge of and consent to’s collection, use and disclosure of personal information is critical. relies on the following actions by the individuals as indications of their consent to our existing and future personal information practices:

    • The individual’s voluntary provision of personal information to us directly,
    • The individual’s express consent and acknowledgement contained within our written authorization agreements and application forms,
    • The individual’s express written consent to have her/his certified RCMP criminal record report and fingerprints forwarded to us from the RCMP,
    • The individual’s verbal and written consent for any further information needed to remove their criminal record or for an application for advanced permission to enter the USA.

    4. Limiting Collection and Retention of Personal Information

    • Personal Information collected is not used for any purpose other than that for which it was collected.
    • Once the purpose for which the personal information was collected is achieved, the individual’s hard copy and electronic files are destroyed.

    5. Safeguards

    • We have in place physical, electronic and procedural safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information we maintain regarding individual applicants.’s systems forbid the transfer or disclosure of any personal information other than what is needed to accomplish the results for which the information was collected.
    • Personal information held electronically is held on computers that are only connected internally. There is no hub that would allow access through the Internet.

    6. Accuracy, Accountability, Openness and Applicant Access 
    An individual, upon request, shall be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her Personal Information and shall be given access to that information.
    Our knowledge about changes to some of the individual’s Personal Information, such as telephone number, address and any new criminal involvement may be key to providing continued services and communication with the individual.
    A copy of this Privacy Policy can be accessed through our website at is responsible for all Personal Information under its control and has designated a Chief Privacy Officer who is accountable to the Board of Directors for’s compliance with this Privacy Policy.
    7. Provide Recourse 
    If an individual has a privacy issue complaint, 1-888-353-0125. We will take appropriate measures to rectify privacy issue problems on a case by case basis, should any ever arise.

    8. Refunds - A $75.00 cancellation fee is applied once questionnaire has been started, $125.00 cancellation fee for applications mailed out. After 48 hours we reserve the right to refuse refunds. There are no refunds for completed applications.